I’m a self-taught established artist creating unique artworks for more than 5 years. Art has forever been my passion since I was young, and I expressed that creativity in many ways growing up. I believe this has led me to finally pursuing art full time, exploring distinctive styles and mediums that excite me, including reusing pistachio nut shells for more sustainable art, vibrant colours that remind me of my Indian heritage and utilizing the beautiful nature that surrounds me.


I am incredibly blessed to have this exposure and opportunities in my local and wider community such as art exhibitions, making portraits for NHS heroes during the pandemic, creating a book cover, taking part in Swindon open studios and being able to make commissions that capture special moments.


My inspiration behind each art piece is to have a distinct piece of art for every individual that purchases my artwork, “Something different” is what excites me. I’m so grateful that people understand the uniqueness and appreciate the effort gone into each piece, which has led to my art travelling all over the world in places such as the US, Dubai, Vietnam, New Zealand, and Ireland. Now, with more than 500 original artworks sold, I can’t wait to see what motivates me to colour my next canvas.


  • Pistachio Shell Kingfishers

  • Under the sea

  • Lavender field

  • Colours of nature

  • Ferocious

  • One with Nature- Giraffe

  • The Owl Parade

  • The Hedgehog Parade

  • Pistachio Shell Peacock

  • Daisies and Bees

  • Cat eyes

  • Calming Buddha

  • The Chick Parade

  • Personalised Artwork

  • Lavender Field